Steve Constable

Steve has a long technology resume. From designing digital computer chips to programming iPhone apps, he is self described technology aficionado and pleasure boating enthusiast. After a formal education in electrical engineering Steve pursued his career designing digital chips for both multinational corporations and small start ups. He has played significant roles as a system verification engineer, as well as designer. He has also played project leadership roles in building complex systems for railroads.
Lately, Steve has combined his passions to bring you the Captain’s Toolbox!

(App Programmer)

Captain Aaron David Pufal

Aaron is like myself, a polymath. Meaning he knows a lot about practically everything. Whether it is recommending a fine wine, a discourse on which turn on the Nürburgring is least likely to kill you or suggesting the best secluded cove in which to anchor a private motor vessel for a nighttime swim or fun, Aaron, with certainty can school most bi pedal life forms. Apart from being a polymath, Aaron is more importantly a Captain-The two combined are a daunting combination. I have had the pleasure of not only being Aaron’s closest friend and confidant, but also his ship mate on many almost unbelievable adventures. The term Captain though is certainly misleading. Aaron is also a qualified engineer, host, diplomat, bodyguard, 1-man rescue party and ship’s master. He is a consummate professional and I can say with conviction that his knowledge base has enriched my existence and will probably enrich yours too. Everything you ever wanted to know about boats, yachting, sailing and general seamanship but were afraid to ask? He’s your man-Buy the App.


(Founder: Expedition Research LLC, App/web art and web designer)

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